The Skynet’s the Limit

AI: buzzword or game changer? Whether you’re using it or not, AI is impacting creativity and the future of advertising. Find out how Winnipeg advertisers are grappling with tradition and tech to redefine their toolbox.

Illustration of Winnipeg's skyline with an overlaid circuit board pattern resembling a brain, symbolizing AI's impact on the city's advertising industry.

Explore AI’s influence on advertising. Focusing on Winnipeg’s industry, this white paper uncovers how AI is integrated into advertising strategies and creative processes. It discusses local advertisers’ current use of AI, highlights creative perspectives on AI’s role, and addresses ethical considerations that come with its adoption.

Get key insights into AI’s growing influence, understand the practical challenges of selecting and using AI tools effectively, and get a sense of the ongoing discussions about AI regulation.

This report provides a clear view of AI’s cautiously optimistic future in Winnipeg’s advertising industry.

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Jesse Mass

Jesse (he/him) spent the first half of his life trying to grow up and the rest trying to get back to the 90s. He loves comic books, B-movies, and how the Golden Arches frame against a clear blue sky.
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