Who We Are

A working draft is a work in progress — a living document composed of multiple drafts that is constantly evolving with the input of diverse voices. In a way, a draft represents an on-going conversation in which we seek to better understand the way we create, think, and engage with those around us.

Working Draft shares fresh thought-provoking ideas and perspectives to help readers reach new insights and think critically. Like our readers, our goal is to not only meet today’s creative standards but to challenge and inspire new ones. It is what pushes us to never stop thinking.

Our Values

  • Learning: We recognize that the written word is a powerful tool for learning, for us and for our readers.
  • Creativity: We use our experiences, knowledge, and education to tell stories and provide new insights to our readers.
  • Integrity: We commit to honesty and transparency in our work.
  • Curiosity: We care about how the world works in all its messiness and diversity. We care about uncovering new perspectives and telling new stories.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We seek out stories from underrepresented communities and tell them responsibly and respectfully, including first-person voices.
  • Community: We strive to connect to our community and encourage thoughtful discussions.
  • Accessibility: Our website meets accessibility standards.
  • Quality: We seek to tell the truth in our writing and hold ourselves to high ethical, journalistic, and research standards.

What We Do

Working Draft is a student-produced web magazine from RRC Polytech’s Creative Communications program in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Working Draft brings eclectic new voices to communications and writing professionals — readers who care about great storytelling, contemporary issues and culture, the media landscape, and the broad and quickly evolving field of communications.

Working Draft’s writers inform, investigate, question, challenge, entertain, critique, educate, and persuade — all from a Manitoba perspective.

Working Draft publishes new pieces in March and April each year, focusing on longreads supplemented by shorter articles with accompanying photographs, graphics, and other multimedia content. Each year’s content focuses loosely on a theme drawn from contemporary issues.